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A POWERFUL TOOL FOR CHANGE. Hypnosis takes the desire for positive change that is already within you and amplifies it to create a driving force that becomes automatic and undeniable, breaking those old bad habits and establishing new healthy habits. ​ Your subconscious mind is there to help you, but with all the daily stresses, it can be too easy to get into a rut of negatively focused thought patterns.  Unfortunately, those negative thought patterns use the awesome power of your subconscious mind to drive negative outcomes. Change your thought patterns, and you will change your life!   Hypnosis is an extraordinarily effective tool to communicate clearly with your subconscious mind and drive POSITIVE outcomes for your life and future. How would your life change for the better if you could release the old limiting beliefs, labels, thought patterns, fears, and habits and embrace a new healthy mindset? HYPNOSIS IN THE NEWS What is Hypnosis, and how does it work ?Hypnosis is a heightened learning state where your mind becomes more open and receptive to positive suggestions for change. In hypnosis the conscious,...Read MoreWeight Loss Tips"I just have no willpower!"  How many times have you heard yourself saying that? Well stop beating yourself up!  Using willpower alone is like pushing...Read MoreCheck out the Current SpecialsLet's face it, money doesn't grow on trees, so check out the specials and the package rates!  Come in for a session to teach your mind and body how to...Read MorePlease reload Hypnosis can reduce menopauseRead MorePole Vaulter uses Hypnosis to overcome his fears and wins Olympic Gold.Read More Hypnosis Eases AnxietyRead More Migraine study found hypnosis more effective than prescription drug in alleviating migraines.Read More Mayo Clinic touts the effectiveness of hypnosis.Read MorePlease reloadKim CogleCHt, CNHPJOIN MY HYPNOSIS MEETUPBook a Sessionwith KimButterflies are proof that change can be beautiful!!!

Virtual Gastric Band Therapy

A new, drug-free, non-surgical weight loss solution!

The Virtual Gastric Band is a remarkable weight loss program pioneered in the UK by Sheila Granger.  Sheila has partnered with Marc Carlin Hypnotist who has a practice in New York City. That has brought this program to the U.S. It utilizes the concept of a “virtual” gastric band and Clinical Hypnotherapy.  It successfully harnesses the power that every individual holds within them to make positive, beneficial changes in their lives.

Lose weight without Diet, Deprivation and Denial
Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis is a non-surgical technique developed by Sheila Granger in the UK, that works by conditioning the client to believe on a subconscious level that a gastric band has been placed around the top portion of the stomach, creating a small size pouch. Whether in an individual session or in a small group, the participants believe that they have undergone bariatric surgery in the first session to reduce the stomach to the size of a small pouch. This is followed by five additional sessions which deal with the emotional triggers, and habits that might result in a person overeating. It helps establish new healthy habits around food and eating.
Feedback shows that the hypnotherapy is like ‘flicking a switch in the brain’, turning off cravings and eating only until satisfied. This is not a diet; it is developing a new relationship with food that people can live with naturally.
Joe’s approach mimics the results of the surgical procedure at a fraction of the cost. And with the Virtual Gastric Band there is no eating restriction; no invasive procedure; no pain, no side effects, no recovery time – and no time off from work.
Why is Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis so successful?
Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis works. Because it addresses the underlying reasons why you struggle with food, and then guides you in to a new mindset that helps you reach your goals.
Bariatric surgery, which can cost from $10,000 to $30,000 or more, deals with the physical size of the stomach and changing your anatomy but it does not change your desire to eat, your cravings or your thinking.
Many overweight people do not eat because they are physically hungry. They eat because of head hunger. They developed a habit of eating because of emotional triggers and feel food satisfies them in some way. It might be boredom, sadness, loneliness, frustration, anger, or fear just to name a few.
If you do not change your thinking and feelings concerning head hunger you will feel deprived and limit your possibilities for success no matter what method of weight reduction you choose.
There is no change without change.
Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis provides tools for you to change your thinking, to feel satisfied on smaller amounts of food, to know the difference between physical hunger and head hunger and to support you in making positive choices to change your size, your shape and your life. Nothing is magic. Not surgery or Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis. What is necessary for success, in either, is your openness and willingness to allow yourself to be and to do things differently. With your openness and willingness, Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis and Joe’s guidance you will have new tools to utilize in your toolbox for your success.
Do you qualify for Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis?
Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis is designed for people who want to lose weight, but either don’t want the more expensive, higher-risk surgery or don’t qualify for it. VGB is for anyone who wishes to lose significant weight regardless of whether they’re candidates for weight loss surgery or not. These techniques can also be used by, and be supportive to, those who have had the bariatric surgery in the past and have started struggling with weight gain again. Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis sessions can be preformed privately and in small groups. In some situations the sessions can be performed over Skype.

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