Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching Center - Journey on a new road to empowerment and healing
Welcome, I am Joe Palazzo M.Ed I have a Masters Degree in Agency and Community Counseling. I have been in the mental health field for over twenty years.
Working with a wide variety of clients from 7 years old to 94 years old with issues like ADHD, developmental problems, depression, anxiety, Combat PTSD as well as PTSD related to abuse and neglect. Clinical hypnotherapy can be very helpful for everyone regardless if they have a issues or just want to lose weight, quit smoking, do better in school or even in sports. The atmosphere in the office is very Zen like, relaxing and comfortable.
I have been trained in basic and advanced clinical hypnotherapy by Linda Gentry who is the founder of the Missouri Institute of Hypnotherapy. I have also been trained by Sheila Granger on Virtual Gastric Band Therapy.
Sheila is one of the pioneers of this type of hypnotherapy and the only Clinical Hypnotherapist to have two studies completed (empirical data) that showed a 95% success rate over one years tracking of clients.
This is the highest success rate of any diet program. I would encourage you to take time to review the pages of this website and listen to my relaxation audio at no charge to you. I am sure you will find this site informative.
It would be my honor to assist you on your journey to make the changes you want and help you gain the empower for you to make those changes.
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